Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cuomo indicts ‘Man cave’ men

Two Office of General Services night maintenance employees, who allegedly spent months in a “man cave” in Albany’s East Parking Garage rather than working, were indicted on felony and misdemeanor charges last Thursday, according to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office.

The 22-count indictment asserts that Gary A. Pivoda, 48, of Latham, and Louis Marciano, 50, of Rensselaer, used a storage space in the garage to use and deal drugs, watch television and sleep. In addition, the two men filed fraudulent time sheets.

“Instead of working, these state employees allegedly used public property and taxpayer-funded time to nap and party in a den of illicit activities,” Cuomo said in a statement. “New Yorkers expect state employees to obey the law, act in a professional manner and carry out their assigned duties.”

Inspector General Joseph Fisch said, “These employees allegedly committed felonies at the workplace on state time. This is outrageous behavior for anyone, much less a public servant.

Pivoda and Marciano are scheduled to appear in Albany County Supreme Court on Oct. 29.

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